Divided By Seasons


Our Story

We are a carp angling and outdoor lifestyle brand firmly rooted within Essex and the South East of England. We document carp angling culture and its natural environment.

Divided By Seasons was born during the summer of 2018 after many years of long bankside thinking. With a huge respect for all fellow anglers throughout the globe, we hope you enjoy what we bring to the scene.

It's basic human instinct to be resistant of change. Although we enjoy each season for its individuality, it's the anticipation of something new which relights the fire as we brace ourselves for impact. From the first signs of new life in Spring, the temperature driven mosquito hot Summer to the Autumn gold and cold dark long Winter. We are waiting, we are out there, where nature leads, we follow.

Get Involved

To collaborate with us or be a part of our small team then contact us to find out how you can contribute. If you wish to feature in our social media feed or blog then send your carp images, nature images and literature to: info@dividedbyseasons.co.uk or hash tag us using #dividedbyseasons #dbscollective #natureleadswefollow